Thomas Gabriel ( US )

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Fredagens konsert på Herr Nilsen i regi av Østkanten Bluesklubb er med Thomas Gabriel. Thomas Gabriel ga ut en akustisk plate i mai 2021 og har i den forbindelsen en turne i Europa sammen med Derek Toa. Turneen i 2021 ble flyttet til 2022 på grunn av Covid-19 restriksjoner.

Konsertstart : 21.00.  Billetter inkl. avg. kr. 350,- / medlemmer NBU kr. 300,- på TicketCo

‘THE TREEHOUSE SESSIONS’ featuring 7 raw, uncut acoustic recordings from Thomas Gabriel. GENRE: Americana / Roots / Country RELEASE DATE: 21 May 2021. 

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve… but not Thomas Gabriel. Thomas wears his heart in his vocal chords! Listen to Thomas Gabriel - thoughts of Steve Earle, Townes van Zandt and Johnny Cash spring to mind. 

With Johnny Cash for a grandfather, it wasn't long before Thomas developed his own love and passion for music. When he was in the second grade, he wrote his first song. Thomas seamlessly blends Americana, Country and Rock to create his own personal sound while also embracing all that is good with tradition. 

Recorded live in the studio in the midst of the world lock down, The Treehouse Sessions represents a return to a pure, organic recording process from days gone by. Stripped back to acoustic guitar and vocals, these recordings feature Thomas at his soulful best. A mix of his own compositions and some personal favourites of songs heard at home during his younger years. 

It's been a rough road... a road less traveled, but when you meet Thomas Gabriel you'll soon learn that each and every twist and turn has taken him from the lowest of valleys to the highest of mountain tops. His songwriting is always personal and his stories are always amazing. 

“When things are tough, I can pump out songs like no tomorrow. Maybe I am not as self-aware when I am happy, but I am always working on my songwriting. I love performing live. When I sing one of my own songs, I put everything that went into creating it into the performance…for me the best compliment I can get is when someone tells me that my music has helped them through a hard time or touched their heart in some way. When I look in the audience and someone is singing my lyrics back to me, that’s it - it’s the biggest thing by far. 

Vocal: Thomas Gabriel.

Guitar: Ben Skrabanek.